Webporch App

App concept design. The idea is to help newspapers reach subscribers in a digital era. The newspaper is delivered to the subscriber's “webporch” daily or weekly, looking like an analog newspaper. People miss browsing newspapers, coming across articles they wouldn't necessarily have clicked on. It is what newspapers should have evolved to… real journalism with the option of participation and moving images right on its pages. An enhanced reading experience. 


Advantages to readers:  

Receive the newspaper on a regular basis without having to pick it up outside the house, no matter what the weather is like, or where they live.

Browse the newspaper and stumble across.

Compact and viewable on a tablet and/or phone. Sit down and read the paper with breakfast, or on a comfortable chair in your slippers and a cup of tea—or on the train without all the unwieldy pages.

Daily comics, obituaries, crosswords and other arts that are being slowly pushed out of newspapers as they move online. You can get them back. And solve crosswords on your tablet!

Environmentally friendly.

Keeps your favorite newspaper in business, delivering real, in-depth journalistic content.

Newspaper-layout, without having to deal with pop-up ads, web text and click bait.

Have the option to see related stories from previous issues, comment, share… but only if you actually want it.

Have access to online tools like search engines and dictionaries.

Easily clip, save, and share stories directly from the newspaper.

Bookmark where you are, and highlight the story you are reading. 

Zoom in and make it all easier to read.

Access to previous issues.


Advantages to newspapers:

Save on printing and delivery costs.

Use the same layout made for printing and simply publish it and deliver it to your users.

Allow people to share, comment, save, etc… if they want to.

Easy payments and renewals without sending letters.

Allow readers to buy issues individual issues in a virtual newsstand or subscribe to receive it on a regular basis.

Have the option to include animated/video content to better illustrate stories.

Go back to regular ads and avoid annoying your readers with pop-up sponsor ads.

Keep the reader focused on your content longer.

Include obituaries, classifieds, comics, and puzzles again. 

Give stories a bigger chance to be seen and keep real reporting alive.

Correct stories or send corrections straight to the reader.



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